Dr. Gleave Attends LVI Sleep/Breathing Disorders Course

This was a 3 day program designed for the dentist and team members to become proficient at recognizing the SBD (sleep breathing disorder) patient in your practice, to become comfortable discussing the condition, and to effectively and predictably treat the disorder.

45% of Americans snore; 25% snore habitually; 7% have sleep apnea; and 90% of those remain undiagnosed. If you see 14 patients a day, one of them is among the walking dead, and more than likely, they don’t know they have a problem. Only 24% of physicians bother to screen for sleep disorders. 15 million Americans need our help.

Any dentist can make an anti-snoring appliance for a patient who complains. What you will learn takes you from that rudimentary stage to a level that far surpasses the knowledge of the MD not specializing in sleep disorders. Start protecting your patients from a collapsing airway and an unhealthy existence.

This was a wonderful course with a wealth of information. It was taught by Kent Smith DDS from Dallas Texas who is a very knowlegable and experienced dentist who has been treating SBD for many years. We did an overnight sleep study on all doctors and team members present at the course and evaluated all the data. The more severe cases of sleep apnea need to be treated with cpap and be referred to a sleep clinic but the more mild cases of apnea and snoring can be treated very effectivly with an oral appliance. The consequences of not treating the apnea are; increased depression, increase in hypertension, poor healing, impotence and loss of libedo, memory loss, increase in stress, more frequent urination, weight gain, and acid reflux. Not to mention what it does to your sleep partner.

For more information or an evaluation and sleep study please call us at (801) 923-6406.