A Gummy Smile Throws Life Off Balance [BLOG]

When you smile, what’s the first thing you notice? If you’re unhappy with your smile, chances are you don’t spend much time smiling at yourself in front of the mirror. Let’s try something else.
What about when you look at pictures of yourself? What stands out about your smile? Are you blinded by its stunning beauty? By the pearly white glow of your teeth? Or are you blinded by your bright pink gums?!
If gums are all you see when you smile, then you have what’s called a gummy smile, and it can be a real source of embarrassment for people just like you. It doesn’t matter what the rest of you looks like. And it doesn’t matter how good you feel on the inside. The fact is, when you don’t look as good as you feel, it can throw your whole life out of balance.
But you don’t have to avoid mirrors or photo ops anymore thanks to Dr. Gleave and our team in Salt Lake City! We offer treatment that can contour your gumline so you have a more balanced, beautiful smile you’ll love.

Why, Oh Why, Gummy Smile?!

Oh, wretched fortune, why do you have a gummy smile in the first place? It might happen for a couple of reasons.
A gummy smile just means that when you smile, you show more gums than you do teeth. The most obvious cause of this would be that you simply have too much gum tissue. It can overcrowd your smile and make your teeth seem smaller than they might actually be.
When you have this overgrowth of gums over your teeth, it hides what should be the focal point of a great smile: nice, beautiful, pearly whites!
Another reason you might have a gummy smile doesn’t have much to do with your gums at all. It could actually be that your adult teeth grew in disportionately smaller than they could have. Or, tsk tsk… maybe they didn’t start out that way but became worn over the years from teeth grinding or a habit like chewing on ice.
Believe it or not, over time, these behaviors will wear down your teeth and affect their size, their shape, and your bite alignment.

Find Balance With Gummy Smile Treatment!

At Rod Gleave, DMD, we offer gum reshaping that can radically improve your smile’s balance and overall improvement. Thanks to the laser technology in our Salt Lake City dental office, the treatment is painless and effective.
The laser allows us to adjust your gumline, oftentimes 1 to 2 mm, enough to where we can see more of the white part of your tooth, or dental crown.

Recovery After Treatment Is Twofold…

As far as the actual physical recovery for gum reshaping, it’s hard to speculate on what it’s like in general terms because many times, it’s a treatment that works really well in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments.
But as we mentioned before, our laser technology allows for a painless procedure and fast healing. The other part of recovery is emotional and psychological. Don’t worry! It’s a positive kind of healing experience.
Think back on all the ways your smile has impacted your life. Think about the photo ops you snuck out of, or the job opportunities you didn’t take advantage of, or the social functions you skipped… all because you didn’t feel beautiful and confident.
You’ve heard stories about people who undergo dramatic weight loss transformations claim to still see an overweight person staring back at them when they look in the mirror for months, or even years, after they’ve lost the weight.
It’s the same idea with any kind of transformation. When you’ve spent so long hiding your smile, it can take some getting used to! Imagine the way your life could change for the better socially, personally, or professionally if you had a smile that gave you confidence to take on the world!
Now that’s the kind of healing you can get behind!

Put Your Life In Balance At Rod Gleave, DMD!

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