Jawbones and Dental Implants

While our pearly whites get most of the attention, our jawbones are also essential to good oral health. A number of things can cause the jawbone to deteriorate, meaning that our mouths don’t have the support they should have, which is especially important for dental procedures like dental implants.

When we lose a tooth in an accident, for example, this loss can cause bone stimulation to stop, and dental implants our jawbones begin to deteriorate. A similar thing can happen when a dentist needs to remove an adult tooth, called a tooth extraction. An implant or a bone graft can help prevent deterioration after tooth extraction.

Another cause of weakened jawbones is dentures. Because dentures sit on top of the gums and aren’t actually integrated into the jaw, the jawbone continually weakens, not being stimulated to grow.
Other things can cause the jawbone to weaken, such as bite abnormalities, and certain gum diseases.

When this happens, a dentist can help. Dental bone grafting and augmentation is a common procedure, and one that allows for many people to have healthy mouths. Deteriorated jawbones keep people from receiving needed dental procedures, such as dental implants. Implants must be firmly integrated into the jawbone, which means there needs to be sufficient bone there in the first place to integrate into.
When a dental implant is needed, but the jawbone is lacking, a dentist often performs a bone graft, taking bone from the patient’s own body, or taking donor bone, and grafting it into the jaw. After the graft has time to heal, the dental implant can be put into place.

Even when the implant is for teeth in the back of the mouth, a deteriorated jawbone can be overcome. The procedure in this case is often a sinus lift, which means that bone grafts are placed underneath the sinus. This is needed because when molars go missing, the jawbone deteriorates, and the sinus grows, until there isn’t much to anchor onto for an implant.

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