Save Your Smile & Your Life With 1 Small Device [BLOG]

Expensive restorative dental treatments.
Painful symptoms every single day.
Risks to your oral health like gum disease.
Risks to your overall health like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
These problems can all be attributed to TMJ disorder and sleep apnea.
But our team at Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City can help you avoid all of them with a small custom-made oral appliance!
Today, we’re sharing how we can give you one small device that can save your smile, and ultimately, your life!

Get Better Sleep And Better Health!

With the recent release of the latest Star Wars installment, we all are reminded of the untimely passing of the beloved Carrie Fisher. As you might remember, her death was attributed to a variety of factors, one of them being sleep apnea.
This is a disorder where your airways become blocked while you sleep. Sensing this danger, your body instinctively jerks awake and fights to bring air back into the lungs.
You may or may not even recall these episodes that happen all throughout the night, but the symptoms that result from sleep apnea certainly can’t be ignored.
-You wake up with a sore throat. 
-You wake up feeling exhausted and that continues through the day. 
-You struggle to remember things.
-You struggle to stay on task. 
-You’re more accident prone. 
-You might gain weight for no apparent reason.
-Your mood becomes irritable and unpredictable. 
It’s easy to see why sleep apnea is so disruptive to your life. And as we’ve already pointed out, it can also be deadly.
At our Salt Lake City dental office, you can find lasting solutions for sleep apnea.
With a simple, small oral appliance that you wear while sleeping, your airways remain open so you can breathe effortlessly and sleep peacefully. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, all the while protecting yourself from the health risks associated with sleep apnea.

Find Relief From TMJ Pain!

Do you wake up with soreness in your jaw or facial area? Are you struggling day after day to stay ahead of the pain and muscle tension with ineffective over-the-counter pain relievers and muscle relaxers?
You could be among the millions of people in this country who grind their teeth or clench their jaw. Or perhaps your TMJ is misaligned, making it hard for you to open or close your mouth or chew your food easily and comfortably.
Here are some other symptoms you may be experiencing because of TMJ disorder or bruxism:
-Earache pain
-Pain in your jaw, face, or neck
-Muscle tension in your back or shoulders
-Popping sounds when eating
-Constant headaches
These can all be traced back to problems when your jaw joint, or TMJ, has somehow been shifted out of proper alignment.
Symptoms like these can linger all day and all night, making you feel miserable, and putting your smile at risk.
That’s because grinding your teeth will eventually wear them down or cause damage to your enamel. As a result, you’re more vulnerable to tooth injury, decay, or gum disease.
Dr. Gleave can design a custom-made oral appliance that you can wear to gently move your joint back to its rightful position.
This isn’t just a temporary solution for relief either! It can help your jaw heal over time so that you no longer clench your jaw or grind your teeth together for lasting relief from the pain and tension.  

Make An Appointment Now!

With the pain, muscle tension, and sleep deprivation brought on by TMJ disorder and sleep apnea, it’s nice to know you can find solutions that work!
At Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City, UT, you’ll find effective treatment for both of these problems so you don’t have to live another day feeling miserable.
We’re here to help you enjoy a new year to the fullest. That means giving you what you need to live pain-free and well rested this year.
To find out how we can help you get better sleep, feel better throughout the day, and preserve your smile, make an appointment with Dr. Gleave!
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