See What Made Our Dental Naughty & Nice List! [BLOG]

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen! In an effort to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the season of sugary plums, our team at Rod Gleave, DMD, is releasing our naughty and nice list for popular holiday foods and drinks that can threaten your dental health.
Did your favorites make the list? Keep reading to find out!

The 2017 Naughty List For Your Smile!

*Candy Canes
While candy canes are a holiday staple in many households, you may want to leave these out of your stocking this year. That’s because they’re loaded with sugar, but also, they pose a risk for your teeth because of their texture. Candy canes are hard, and crunching down on them can cause injury to your teeth, and even wear them down over time.

The harmful bacteria that lives in your mouth loves to eat sugar left behind after you eat and drink. With a popular, sugary holiday beverage like eggnog, you have to be extra careful. That’s because of the high sugar content, the creaminess that coats your teeth, and the alcohol this drink normally contains. If you can’t stay away, be sure to rinse your mouth with water after you drink eggnog.

This is a treat that often finds itself the object of holiday fodder. It’s something people either seem to love or hate; there is no middle ground! But for those who enjoy fruitcake this time of year should beware this dessert’s density and sugar content. The candied fruit, as well as the dense cake itself, can become lodged between your teeth and give harmful bacteria something to feast on while you deck the halls!

The 2017 Nice List For Your Smile!

Most American holiday food tables include a nice, juicy turkey. And that’s great news for your smile. This holiday staple contains protein and phosphorus, both of which your teeth and bones need for strength.

Along with turkey, you can usually find cranberry sauce. While delicious and good for fighting off bacteria in your mouth, cranberry sauce that’s loaded with sugar is counterproductive to your dental health. So just be mindful of the added ingredients while making cranberry sauce.

They’re delicious on top of salads, a great snack with cocktails, or lightly buttered and roasted. Nuts are full of protein and low on carbs, making them good for your teeth and your waistline. The crunchiness also helps keep your saliva productive, adding a layer of protection to your teeth against harmful plaque acids.

A good cheese spread is a staple on everyone’s holiday buffet table. The great news is that it’s not only delicious, but hard cheeses can be a really healthy choice for your teeth.  Cheese is full of the calcium your teeth and jawbone need to stay strong and healthy.
This will help raise your body’s pH level, which will prevent spread of harmful bacteria. It also protects you from tooth decay. Finally, hard cheese is a natural way to scrub your teeth clean while you eat it.

*Deviled Eggs
One of the best thing you can do for your teeth is to get plenty of protein and vitamin D, and eggs have both! Deviled eggs are great addition to your holiday spread. Not only do they taste great, but they help your teeth stay strong, healthy, and beautiful.

*Fresh, Raw Veggies
For your next holiday function, you’ll need something to go with your cheese tray! Cut up a bunch of your favorite fresh, raw vegetables and serve it on a platter with dip made with natural yogurt and zesty-flavored seasoning. The best choices for your teeth are celery, carrots, and broccoli.
Fresh veggies have a ton of vitamins and nutrients, and their crunch will help encourage saliva production so your tooth enamel stays protected. Setting out a veggie tray as an appetizer is also a good way to fill up before a holiday meal so you’re less tempted to reach for the sugary after-dinner treats.

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