Sensitive Teeth? Sedation Dentistry May Be the Right Choice

Do you carry a fear of the dentist? Well, you aren’t the only one. Many individuals consider themselves “dental phobic” and really dislike making dental visits. This could be due to multiple bad experiences, associated pain, sensitive teeth; the list goes on and on. What if there was an option to make your dental experience a whole lot better? Sedation dentistry might just be the answer.
Sedation is a method used to relax dental patients without putting them out completely. Several dentists offer oral and IV sedation and have concluded that it reduces anxiety and stress, and creates a more pleasant experience overall. Those that choose to do sedation are more likely to complete their treatment and reduce the risk of postponement and cost.
So how does dental sedation work?
First, for oral sedation, medical histories are reviewed and consultations with Dr. Gleave are completed. Patients are given a couple of pills to take one hour prior to the dental appointment, and are generally somewhat relaxed and drowsy upon arrival. Because of this, having someone drive the patient to and from his or her appointment is required. The patient enters a sleep-like state for treatment and is monitored the entire time. They can still respond to questions and commands, but tend to not recall any of it after the drug wears off. This type of sedation method is very safe and effective.
Oral sedation is among the more popular options, but IV sedation and nitrous oxide are also available upon request. Sedation not only creates an optimal environment, but it allows for multiple treatments to be done in just one appointment. Fillings, implants, you name it! You can get a lot done in just one visit and reduce the amount of time in that dental chair, all with no discomfort.
There are multiple options when it comes to sedation dentistry. At our office, Dr. Rod Gleave, an experienced sedation dentist in Utah, has been using oral sedation for over 20 years and 20% of his patients use it for all treatment. It is a wonderful option to explore for those that need a little extra dental comfort.

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