Teeth Whitening: What You Need to Know

You may worry that teeth whitening is not an exact science, but in fact thousands of people see lasting benefits from dental bleaching and teeth whitening. But the tools the dentist has at his disposal are much more effective than the things you’ll find on the shelf.
Here are some common questions and answers about teeth whitening.

Who Can Get Their Teeth Whitened?
This will always be at the professional discretion of the dentist. You may have teeth that won’t handle the intensity of bleaching well, or you may have other conditions that make you a bad candidate for the whitening procedure. But most people do indeed qualify. For example, if your teeth are discolored from aging, smoking, certain foods and certain beverages, you might be a good candidate.
Is Teeth Whitening Safe?
Yes, the procedure is safe, but make sure that you have a fully qualified dentist perform the procedure. In some states, there are those who offer teeth whitening as a service, who aren’t dentists. Choosing this option might not be as safe as choosing a cosmetic dental professional with years of experience. After all, the substances you are dealing with with teeth whitening are very powerful, and you want to make sure your instructions and equipment are both high quality.
So It Works, But Will It Last?
Teeth whitening is not performed so that you can resume your bad habits and improper dental hygiene. Those who take care of their teeth can see lasting benefits of dental teeth whitening.
What About Whitening Toothpastes?
If the discoloration of your teeth is mild, whitening toothpastes may serve as a useful ally. But these toothpastes are not allowed to carry the potent whitening substances dentists can use (and for good reason). You may also want to try a relatively new teeth whitening technique which is using an LED light, better as well is you can do this procedure at home all by yourself! You can visit auraglow.com for the best teeth whitening LED kit.
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