The Magical Power Of Tooth Contouring & Crown Lengthening [BLOG]

Do you ever wish life were like a fairy tale?
That you could just wave a magic wand and suddenly have all the things you’ve only ever fantasized about before?
That’s sort of how modern cosmetic dentistry is, only it’s very real, and you can find it in Salt Lake City, UT!
At Rod Gleave, DMD, we offer all kinds of ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. Today’s blog is taking a special look at two of them, and you won’t believe how easy they are!

Some Smiles Need A Magic Wand

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, but yet, it’s still susceptible to wear and tear. Grinding your teeth, biting your nails, and crunching on hard food and objects can all make the outline of your teeth look uneven.
What’s left after years of that kind of stress on your teeth is a smile you don’t like very much.
A smile that needs a magic wand.
Or does it?
Actually, it doesn’t take a magician or fairy godmother to correct this cosmetic smile problem!

The Magical Way To Reshape Your Smile

Thank goodness for advanced technology!
It makes a gorgeous smile possible when you’ve lost the magic wand or have grown tired of waiting for a fairy godmother.
Dr. Gleave has the power to artfully reshape your teeth so they all match and look evenly-sized with tooth contouring and crown lengthening.
A tooth that’s too long can be shortened, and a tooth that’s too short can appear lengthened, all thanks to the modern tools we house in our Salt Lake City, UT dental office.
In a gentle, painless procedure, Dr. Gleave will carefully etch your enamel around the edges until it’s sculpted into the appropriate size and shape. He can also use laser technology to modify your gumline and expose more of the white part of your tooth. It’s not that we actually lengthen your teeth, but that we use a little magic to make it appear longer all from adjusting how far your gums stretch over the crowns of your teeth!
When it’s complete, your teeth and gums will look proportionately matched and your smile will be more visually stunning.
And this isn’t the kind of spell that runs out at midnight! Your smile will look beautiful for good!

Call Now For A Consultation!

Even a healthy smile needs a little help from time to time. You may be in great oral health, and we’re certainly happy about that!
But you may not be very happy with the way your teeth and gums look.
That’s where cosmetic dentistry can help. Dr. Gleave is an expert at beautifying smiles in Salt Lake City!
Our tooth contouring and crown lengthening procedures are safe, comfortable, and effective at giving your smile the little bit of magic it needs to look attractively balanced.
It could also open the door for other treatments like teeth whitening for a mini-makeover for your smile.
Feel confident with help from our team and the magic of contouring and lengthening!
Call our Salt Lake City dental office at (801) 923-6406 or fill out our online form to request a cosmetic consultation.