Want Whiter Teeth? Know Your Options

If someone asked you if you wanted whiter teeth, what would you say? If you are like most people posed with this question, you are going to say that of course you want a whiter smile. The next question is how do you get that whiter smile? Knowing your options is the first step to finding that brighter smile you wished you could have. Rod Gleave, DMD wants to help you know what whitening options you have at your disposal. Take a look at this list, and get to know the world of dental whitening.
Dental Whitening Options
Mother Nature’s Whitening Option – Some people find results for a whiter smile in nature. Here is a simple natural dental whitening recipe you can use to supplement any whitening that your dentist can provide.

  • Whiten with Strawberries – The first thing you need is some strawberries. They contain malic acid (a natural enamel whitener). Mash them into a pulp, and then add some baking soda (another natural whitener, often found in toothpaste). Mix this into a paste and then spread it across your teeth. Wait about five or six minutes before you rinse it off. This gives the mixture time to get into the top layer of your enamel and go to work. After your time is up, rinse your mouth and be sure to brush your teeth. This way, any strawberry seeds that try to stow away in your mouth get cleared. If you use this natural remedy consistently, you can see results in a week or so. Now, they won’t be dramatic. This is probably better suited as a maintenance technique than a longer-lasting teeth whitening solution. You will see mild whitening results from this method, and it will cost you hardly anything: roughly 5 dollars for a couple weeks’ worth of strawberries and baking soda. Over time, however, that can add up.

OTC Whitening Solutions – In every grocery store or drugstore across the country, you will find a whole section of an aisle dedicated to over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening solutions. It has become a big business, and for good reason. People are figuring out how much of a boost whiter teeth give their smile. Now, one thing to be aware of is that you truly get what you pay for with OTC whitening. The more expensive it is, the more potent it is, and the more potent it is, the whiter your teeth will get. You can find some dental whitening options for a few dollars. You can also find them for as much as $99. It all depends on how much whitening you want. OTC dental whiteners have a range of concentrations from 5 percent all the way to 15 percent. The FDA capped the concentration level to make sure that people don’t hurt themselves on their way to a better, brighter smile.
You can get moderate whitening results from OTC brands. They normally take about a week to show the effects. The effects are not going to last long, so be prepared to spend the same amount of money regularly to maintain your whiter smile.
Professional Dental Whitening – This is where you graduate from the minor leagues of dental whitening (natural and OTC brands) to the big leagues. Professional level dental whiteners start at 15 percent concentration and range all the way to 40 percent. The higher concentration means a more intense whitening experience. Your smile can be transformed after only a single treatment. Dr. Gleave uses Venus White products and can give you a smile that is up to several shades whiter after only one treatment. Some OTC brands may give you a couple shades, and it will take you a month. Venus White brightens shades in about an hour, or even a week at home. Professional whitening costs will vary depending on what type of whitening is used. The one thing that is certain is that if you are looking for a truly whiter smile, there really is no other choice besides whitening from our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rod Gleave.
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