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Do you suffer from minor cosmetic imperfections in your smile? Would you like to get them taken care of but don’t want an involved dental procedure to do it? If this is you, then we may have the solution you have been looking for. Tooth bonding from Salt Lake City, UT dentist Rod Gleave, can be the perfect solution for your cosmetic dental troubles. A versatile and conservative fix, tooth bonding in Salt Lake City, UT can remedy many different dental problems, and it can be done in a single office visit.

What Is Dental Bonding?

The material used for tooth bonding is a composite resin. This is the same material that we use for our tooth-colored fillings. The resin can be molded onto your tooth to correct a number of issues, and it bonds well with your tooth to provide a sturdy, discreet fix. Often, our patients do not require an anesthetic for this procedure.

What Does Tooth Bonding Treat?

Cosmetic tooth bonding can correct chips, cracks, and gaps between teeth, much like veneers do. However, bonding may eventually discolor or chip. Salt Lake City, UT dentist Dr. Gleave can help determine whether tooth bonding or veneers are best for your situation.

  • Chips – The resin’s moldability makes it ideal for fixing chips. We can take the resin and rebuild the profile of your tooth to give you the undamaged look you had before the chip occurred.
  • Cracks – Tooth bonding is well-suited for minor cracks that have left unattractive lines on your teeth. (More severe cracks may need dental veneers, however, to keep them from becoming worse over time.) Dr. Gleave expertly applies the composite resin to the crack, cures it with a special light, and polishes it to blend seamlessly with the look of your natural tooth. No one will ever know you had a cracked tooth after your dental bonding is complete.
  • Gaps – Adding composite resin around a large gap between teeth will eliminate the space and give you the smile you have been wanting. The resin is added to the edges of the teeth on either side of the gap to make sure that one tooth does not appear larger than the other. This gives you an undetectable fix for your smile’s alignment issue.

Call Salt Lake City, UT dentist Rod Gleave, DMD today to find out if tooth bonding in Salt Lake City, UT can help you and your smile. You can reach our dental office at 801-747-8531 to schedule your appointment, or use our online form to schedule your appointment instead.

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