Teeth Whitening: What You Need to Know

You may worry that teeth whitening is not an exact science, but in fact thousands of people see lasting benefits from dental bleaching and teeth whitening. But the tools the dentist has at his disposal are much more effective than the things you’ll find on the shelf.Here are some common questions and answers about teeth whitening.Who Can Get Their Teeth Whitened?This will always ...

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Single Tooth Implant Case

This patient had a missing anterior tooth for 20 years. He had been wearing a retainer to help fill the space but he wanted a more permanant solution. A dental implant and porcelain crown was the best solution. The patient is very happy with his new tooth and looks the look and feel of having something that acts and looks like a natural tooth.Learn more about dental implants. ...

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Studio 5 Smile Makeover

This young mother was very displease with her smile and wanted to gain the confidence to smile again. We placed 10 porcelain veneers and look at the transformation. Just read her letter below to better appreciate the change it’s made in her life.Dear Dr Gleave,I just wanted to thank you so so so so much for doing my teeth! It was the most amazing experience ever!! My life has ...

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Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

This patient works at the airport and deals with the public daily. She came to us looking to give her a beautiful smile. We discussed braces to help place the crooked tooth back in the arch but she declined on the amount of extra time and money it would cost. We extracted the tooth instead and then placed porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns to rebuild her smile. We’ll do the lower teeth ...

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AACD Conference in Texas

Dr Gleave and Team spent the week in Dallas Texas at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry annual convention. The AACD is the leading organization in the world for cosmetic dentists. The 4 days of classes and instruction was spent learning about the newest in materials and techniques for modern esthetic dentistry. ...

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Single All-porcelain Crown

This patient presented to our office with a complaint about the crown on one of the front teeth. She had had it crowned several years ago but was never happy with it. She felt it was bulky, too dark, too opaque, and didn’t like the dark line around the gum. This kind of crown is still placed by many dentists today. After we explained we could fix it to match more closely her other natural teeth ...

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Direct Composite Veneer

This patient was traumatically hit in the mouth and fractured his front tooth. We discussed options for restoring his tooth and decided the direct composite veneer was the best approach. It’s a conservative treatment with little to no tooth structure being removed and about a third of the cost of a porcelain veneer. I also felt I could match up his existing teeth the best with the composite vs ...

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Porcelain Veneer Case

Here’s a case we recently completed. She is a school teacher from Draper. She had had several composite fillings placed on her front teeth and was tired of always redoing them from staining and chipping and wanted a beautiful smile. We placed 8 porcelain veneers on her top front teeth. Note the slight laser recontouring on the front one to even up the gums. We also uprighted the teeth for a ...

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Laser recontouring Porcelain Veneer case

This is a common occurence we run into on porcelain veneer cases. The patient wants a beautiful smile but shows too much gums and the teeth are square looking. The solution is to recontour the gums. Dr Gleave used a laser. There is minimal bleeding and swelling so the tissue stays right when it is lasered. This photo shows the temporary acrylic veneers placed the same day as the lasering. ...

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