Dental Implants for Failed Bridge

This patient had a porcelain bridge placed 10 years earlier. The back anchor tooth failed as it most often will with a bridge. The bridge was sectioned and back 2 teeth removed and the area was grafted. After a healing period of 4 months the implants were placed with a laser punch and the healing caps placed to start forming the gum tissue. After an additional healing period of 4 months the ...

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Studio 5 Smile makeover

Dr Gleave was asked to provide a cosmetic dental case for Channel 5’s Studio 5 TV show. This Davis County mother of 3 was chosen. She was not happy with her smile and was always felt inhibited to smile and would cover her mouth. Dr Gleave placed 10 porcelain veneers. What a stunning new smile. Notice what a dramatic effect it has on her whole face as well. ...

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Smile Makeover Winner Revealed

Dr Gleave recently finished the treatment for our ABC4 contest winner. It was revealed on Good Things Utah last friday. Her name is Dannielle she is a Holladay Mom of 2 and teaches dance. Dr Gleave placed 10 porcelain veneers on the top teeth and placed composite fillings with some teeth whitening on the lower. Here’s a follow up letter received from Dannielle;Hey doc!It’s just ...

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Dental Implant Placed with Laser

This Salt Lake fireman lost this tooth to gum disease. Rather than let the bone resorb further a decision was made to extrat the tooth and place an implant. Dr Gleave removed the tooth and grafted the area, then waited several months and placed the dental implant. No incisions were made, just a small punch in the tissue with the dental laser and the implant was set into the bone, No bleeding, ...

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Amalgam Removed

Here’s a case Dr Gleave removed all the old silver-mercury fillings and replaced with bonded composite tooth colored fillings. It’s not just more esthetic and natural looking but it’s so much stronger for the tooth and we get the toxic metals out of the body. It is also very common for decay to get around and under the metal filling as it corrodes with time. Dr Gleave found significant ...

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Dr. Gleave Attends LVI Sleep/Breathing Disorders Course

This was a 3 day program designed for the dentist and team members to become proficient at recognizing the SBD (sleep breathing disorder) patient in your practice, to become comfortable discussing the condition, and to effectively and predictably treat the disorder. 45% of Americans snore; 25% snore habitually; 7% have sleep apnea; and 90% of those remain undiagnosed. If you see 14 patients a ...

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