Find Solutions To Your Dental Problems In Salt Lake City [VIDEO]

Maddie has a long history of dental problems stemming from a childhood bike accident. After years of unsuccessful root canals and temporary solutions, her pain led her to the capable hands of Dr. Rod Gleave in Salt Lake City. Hear Maddie talk about her experience with our highly skilled team of professionals at Rod Gleave, DMD and why she’s glad she listened to her dad when he referred her to ...

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Full Confidence With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction [BLOG]

If you have flawed, imperfect, damaged, or even missing teeth, it’s impossible to feel like smiling. You’re embarrassed by it, for one thing. But worse than that, you probably feel like it’s just something you have to accept. What could possibly be done about it? Well, a lot, actually! When you call Dr. Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City, UT, we will set up a consultation with you to plan ...

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Get Your Smile Wedding Ready With Teeth Whitening [BLOG]

  Every girl dreams about her wedding day. She spends years fantasizing about the dress, the flowers, and the groom. With social media owning the wedding ideas game, the moment her engagement happens, the long planning process begins! A bride does everything she can to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. You’ve made the wedding planning checklist… the bridal party salon appointments, ...

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Your Smile: From Before To Beautiful After [PHOTO]

If you’ve ever considered cosmetic dentistry but just aren’t sure if it’s right for you, take a look at today’s photo blog! This is just one of our many satisfied patients who trusted their smile to Dr. Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City. Notice the transformation! Everyone’s dental needs are different, but our team of professionals have the skill and experience to help take you from a ...

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Makeover Your Smile In Salt Lake City! [PHOTO]

Everyone deserves to feel good about their appearance and to enjoy life to the fullest. But sometimes, the imperfections in our smile make it seem impossible. That’s why at Dr. Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City, we offer a wide variety of smile makeover options. Whether you’re in need of restorations, veneers, or dental implants, our talented team of professionals will do all we can to help you ...

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Be Careful With Food & Drinks That Stain Your Teeth [BLOG]

If your eyes are a window to your soul, then perhaps your smile is an extension of that. It tells us a lot about how you truly feel about yourself and the world around you. Why, then, would you ever settle for a smile that didn’t genuinely reflect how you feel on the inside? Why would you settle for a smile that didn’t shine as brightly as your personality does? The truth is, you don’t ...

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Sedation Dentistry Can Change The Way You See The Dentist [BLOG]

How’s Your Health? In recent years, studies have shown connections between your oral and overall health. Research shows, for example, that there’s a link between gum disease and health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. And the studies continue to pour in. Although researchers can’t necessarily point to the nature of some of these connections, we know ...

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Lasting Solutions To Your Dental Problems [VIDEO]

From cavities to broken or missing teeth, you can find a variety of options in restorative and cosmetic dentistry at Dr. Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City, UT. Today, we have a message from Dr. Gleave himself. Listen to what he has to say about the kind of work we do here in our office. Our caring, experienced team will do all we can to help you achieve oral health and a beautiful smile. Our ...

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What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For Your Smile [INFOGRAPHIC]

If the idea of cosmetic dentistry seems too long, involved, or complicated, today’s blog is for you! At Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City, UT, you can find all sorts of cosmetic dental procedures that are much quicker and simpler than you might think. Check out our infographic about what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile. If you have minor flaws such as gaps, cracks, or discoloration, ...

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The Road To Full-Mouth Reconstruction [INFOGRAPHIC]

A full-mouth reconstruction can mean different things to different people simply because we all have varying dental needs. You might be missing several teeth or maybe your teeth are damaged from years of clenching, grinding, or tooth decay. Whatever your reason, Dr. Gleave in Salt Lake City, UT is here to help you. Dr. Gleave and our team of highly experienced professionals will discuss your ...

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A Look At Laser Therapy For A Gummy Smile [PHOTO]

Tiffin felt embarrassed about her gummy smile but wasn’t sure if it was the kind of problem that could be fixed. That was until she discovered our team at Rod Gleave, ...

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How We Use Ridge Augmentation To Help Patients [VIDEO]

When patients come to us for dental implants, we do all we can to prepare them for successful placement. Often, that requires a procedure called a ridge augmentation. At Rod ...

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