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TMJ disorder is a problem for many people. Finding solutions for your TMJ issues is only a phone call away. Let Dr. Rod Gleave and his staff at our Salt Lake City, UT dental office help you get past the TMJ pain you are suffering from and get back to living pain-free once again with TMJ treatment.

What is TMJ?

TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint and refers to the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. When people talk about having TMJ, they are actually referring to TMJ disorder. These disorders can cause pain and discomfort in your jaw and generally make life difficult.

What causes TMJ disorder?

Injury or trauma to the area is one of the biggest contributing factors to the development of a TMJ disorder, but this is not a definitive cause. Some people injure the area and don’t develop a TMJ issue. Teeth Grinding (bruxism) is another way you can injure your TMJ and cause a disorder. Teeth grinding  puts a lot of undue stress on the joint and may also injure your teeth in the process. An improper bite is another major contributing factor.

Does TMJ cause headaches and migraines?

Many people do not know that headaches and migraines may be triggered by their teeth. One of the major areas we evaluate during an examination is the bite, muscles, and jaw joint. Many people have an imbalance in this system of teeth, muscles, and TMJ. Consequently, there is a breakdown. The teeth may become excessively worn as patients grind or clench their teeth, which often leads to stress in the muscles. This stress triggers the headaches. We have the training and equipment to evaluate this.

How can Dr. Gleave help me?

If Salt Lake City, UT dentist Dr. Gleave determines your jaw pain and/or headaches are a result of an improper bite, he will most likely prescribe an orthotic. This thin plastic retainer snaps over the lower teeth to recreate a new bite. You will wear the appliance for several months to see whether the bite position reduces or eliminates your headaches and pain. After we find the most comfortable bite position, we can proceed to make it permanent with several different treatments.

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