Get a Gorgeous Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a luxury – it’s a way to feel great about seeing yourself in the mirror and spending time with others every day. Too many people believe cosmetic dental treatments aren’t necessary. But Dr. Gleave can boost your confidence and even improve your oral health, in some cases!

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At Rod Gleave, DMD, our cosmetic dental services can:

  • Conceal common flaws such as stains, chips, cracks, gaps, or misaligned teeth
  • Brighten your teeth with safe and fast whitening solutions
  • Comfortably straighten your teeth with orthodontics that no one will notice
  • Give you a new smile with a combination of any of the services we offer

Call (801) 747-8531 to visit our Salt Lake City, UT dentist office for a consultation with Dr. Gleave, a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Offering Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Every Smile

No matter what you don’t like about your smile, Dr. Gleave can transform it with services including:

  • Dental Veneers These marvels of dentistry are simply bonded to the front of your teeth to conceal most cosmetic issues. Some of our options don’t require prep work for your teeth, so you can get a beautiful new smile right away!
  • Teeth Whitening Dr. Gleave offers both in-office and take-home whitening treatments to accommodate your schedule. Both options deliver excellent and safe results, which isn’t always true for store-bought products.
  • Short-Term Orthodontics A fantastic alternative to traditional metal braces. They gently move your teeth into place, take less time than metal braces (sometimes only six months), and are practically invisible.
  • Gum Reshaping If you’re unhappy with the look of your gums, Dr. Gleave can correct the issue using a laser that is more comfortable, more efficient, and faster than traditional gum surgery.
  • Teeth Contouring A single tooth can make you unhappy with your entire smile. Dr. Gleave can contour teeth to correct misshapen, worn, chipped, or too-large teeth so they better blend into your smile.
  • Crown Lengthening Crown lengthening exposes more of the crown of your tooth by adjusting your gumline with a soft-tissue laser. This may be done before a restorative dentistry procedure.
  • Tooth Bonding This quick treatment also covers up imperfections such as cracks or chips. It can be used to close gaps between teeth, too. We’ll bond a natural-looking composite resin to the front of your teeth to hide what you don’t want people to see.

Choosing a Total Smile Makeover

If you suffer from multiple cosmetic issues, a smile makeover can combine all your needed dental treatments under one comprehensive plan. This helps you get a completely new smile in the most efficient way possible. You’ll save time and money while also receiving our excellent care. We can create models and use digital imaging to show you the results of your dream smile – before treatment even starts.

Call (801) 747-8531 or use our easy online form to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation today.

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