bone grafting • salt lake city, ut

Don’t Lose Your
Smile Foundation!

bone grafting • salt lake city, ut

Don’t Lose Your
Smile Foundation!

Recapture A Strong, Youthful Jawline

Your jawbone is the foundation of your smile. If one isn’t healthy the other one won’t be either. When you lose teeth, you also start to lose jawbone mass. Your face can take on an unhealthy, sunken, and even prematurely aged look as a result. Protect your teeth and jaws by brushing and flossing as directed. If your jawbone begins to recede, count on Dr. Rod Gleave to rebuild and strengthen it with bone grafting in Salt Lake City, UT. With 30 years in practice, extensive training from renowned institutions including the Las Vegas Institute and Misch Implant Institute, and 1,000 dental implant placements to his credit, he knows best how to repair and prepare a jawbone for dental implants!


It’s About Replacing Lost Bone

Dr. Gleave uses the innovative technique of bone grafting to regrow and replace jawbone in areas where it has receded. This involves taking a small portion of bone material from a donor source or an artificial substitute and placing it in the recessed areas. This material will gradually grow together with the existing healthy bone, restoring its volume, strength, and appearance. After that, your jawbone should be able to support dental implants, which replace your lost teeth with durable artificial ones.

Dr. Gleave can either perform bone grafting before the implant placement or pack the bone material around the implants as he’s placing them. Be assured, he will keep you relaxed and pain-free throughout the entire procedure with sedation dentistry options including oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. With your jaw and teeth restored, you’ll regain a more youthful, healthful appearance, smile confidently, and be able to eat a satisfying variety of foods again.

Select Bone Grafting Treatments

Ridge Augmentation
Sinus Lift
Biological Healing Techniques

With tooth and jawbone loss, your jawline—and your face overall—can lose its characteristic appearance. But you can look like you again! With ridge augmentation, Dr. Gleave rebuilds and reshapes your jawline using bone graft material, enabling you to reclaim your distinctive facial esthetics—what you used to see in the mirror before you lost teeth and bone.


Bone recession may occur in your upper or lower jaw. When it happens to your upper jaw, you may experience an additional complication. In addition to supporting teeth, your upper jawbone supports sinus cavities. If that bone deteriorates, the sinus floor above it can collapse. Dr. Gleave can put the sunken sinus cavity back into place with a sinus lift, during which he gently raises the sinus floor and places bone graft material below it to create support and restore the bone.


Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) treatment stimulates your body to create bone cells, allowing new bone to form and helping existing bone to heal. With plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF), Dr. Gleave isolates growth factors that occur naturally in your blood by spinning a sample of your blood in a centrifuge. He then places the PrGF into the affected site, where the growth factors form a protective layer—similar to the way a scab protects a wound—and promotes tissue regrowth. Biologically based healing techniques like these harness the natural healing power of your own body.


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