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Does your smile need help to get to full function again? Do you need more than one treatment to get there? If this is you, then a full-mouth reconstruction in Salt Lake City, UT may be just what you are looking for. Salt Lake City, UT dentist Dr. Rod Gleave can help you fix all the dental issues you are facing so that you can end up with a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing smile.

What is full-mouth reconstruction?

Many patients over time experience excessive breakdown of their teeth. This can be because of excessive teeth grinding or decay that causes wear and loss of enamel. We also see patients who have lost several teeth to decay or accidents, and the remaining teeth move around to fill the missing spaces. Long term, the bite collapses. This generally calls for a full-mouth rehabilitation, or a combination of procedures to get dental health back on track. Even severely damaged smiles can be restored using a variety of trusted techniques.

Many of these patients seek treatment because they don’t like the appearance of their smile or they feel they can’t eat properly and don’t want to lose all their teeth and end up with a denture. We also see the pain of patients who because of their improper bite get headaches or sore jaw muscles. We have the training to evaluate and restore the most difficult and complex cases.

What treatments are included in a full-mouth reconstruction?

Any restorative dental procedures may be considered for a full-mouth reconstruction. These will be based on your unique situation. Some of the more common procedures that we employ include:

What is the full-mouth reconstruction process?

Your journey to a better smile starts with a visit to Salt Lake City, UT dental clinic of Dr. Rod Gleave, who will determine whether full-mouth reconstruction in Salt Lake City, UT course is right for you. He will examine your mouth thoroughly to assess your situation, and he will review your specific needs. Together, you will plan out the procedures needed to get the function back to your mouth.

If you need help restoring the function of your smile with full-mouth reconstruction, call Salt Lake City, UT dentist Rod Gleave, DMD today at 801-747-8531 to schedule your consultation. You can also use our convenient online form to schedule your appointment.

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