Are you tired of over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies not working? A dental practice in Salt Lake City, UT is here to help with a variety of professional whitening options to fix discolored teeth!

Teeth whitening can be difficult to get right with catch-all, over-the-counter products, which is why this practice offers personalized professional whitening options. Continue reading to learn how this practice can make patients smiles shimmer! 


Professional Whitener Versus Over-The-Counter

As mentioned before, over-the-counter whitening products cannot match the strength and whitening power of professional whiteners for discolored teeth. Because they are not being properly administered by professionals, there is a limit to what can be used in over-the-counter whiteners versus professional whiteners.

This makes it so over-the-counter whiteners cannot reach the same depths as professional whiteners. Unlike professional whiteners, over-the- counter whiteners cannot remove stains past the enamel layer on your teeth. They are simply ineffective at removing discoloration. That is why professional whiteners are so effective, as they can give the results one desires!

Whitening Options in Salt Lake City, Utah

In order to provide the whitening treatments patients with discolored teeth are looking for, this practice offers three options. These three options all work a little differently, essentially giving patients the effect they want. All of these options are personally tweaked to fit patients’ specific needs and have different strengths.

One option available is Venus White. This premium whitening treatment is all done within a 60 to 90-minute visit to the office. During this time, a trusted doctor will apply the whitener which will work in a quick time to remove discoloration and provide the whitening effect patients desire. This treatment has also proven to have little to no sensitivity as a result, unlike other similar whitening options.

Secondly, Nite White & Opalescene is another option this practice provides. These are a more standard set of trays patients take home to wear at night while sleeping. A dentist at this office will work with patients to find the right shade, making the trays fit the patients desired color, and then it is up to the patient to remember to put the trays in at nighttime. Patients can also wear them during the day, if preferred.

Finally, this office offers a more affordable option known as Treswhite. While the practice has the least amount of control on the coloration Treswhite will provide, they do work to remove stains deep under the enamel, like other options do. Treswhite works as whitening strips laid across patients’ teeth. They come in a variety of flavors as well, so patients do not have to taste a bunch of awful chemicals.


Start Your Smile Makeover Today!

Stained teeth are nothing to be ashamed of especially when there is a variety of ways to remove the discoloration in Salt Lake City, UT. Get in contact with Dr. Rod Gleave in our Rod Gleave DMD office to schedule a consultation today!