3 Budget-Friendly Cosmetic Treatments For Summer [BLOG]

Get your smile ready for summer with cosmetic dentistry at Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City, UT! What? You can’t afford it? Nonsense! We have a number of ways to beautify your smile that won’t break the bank and still make you look and feel amazing! What Are Your Plans For Summer? Summer is a great season for socializing. The weather is sunny and warm, and it brings people outside to ...

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A Message From Your Caring Dentist About Dental Anxiety [VIDEO]

In his nearly thirty years as a dentist, Dr. Gleave knows better than anyone how deep the emotional scars can run for many patients with dental anxiety. That’s why he’s dedicated to your comfort and the use of dental sedation to make you feel at ease. In fact, we’re sharing more about how he and our team can work to help you build confidence about your professional dental care in a ...

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Choose Dr. Gleave For Your Veneers In Salt Lake City [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, we gave you a before and after look at one of our patient success stories so you could see the dramatic improvement dental veneers make. Today, we want to close out the month by sharing some thoughts about veneers from our talented, highly-skilled cosmetic dentist, Rod Gleave, DMD. Hear what he has to say about the transformative power of our veneers in Salt Lake City, ...

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The Magical Power Of Tooth Contouring & Crown Lengthening [BLOG]

Do you ever wish life were like a fairy tale? That you could just wave a magic wand and suddenly have all the things you’ve only ever fantasized about before? That’s sort of how modern cosmetic dentistry is, only it’s very real, and you can find it in Salt Lake City, UT! At Rod Gleave, DMD, we offer all kinds of ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. Today’s blog is taking a ...

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Porcelain Crowns Look Great In Salt Lake City! [PHOTO]

Earlier this month, we shared Dale’s story with you about the time he came to us for help with a broken tooth. Today, we’re going a step further and letting you see the results of Dr. Gleave’s handiwork with Dale’s porcelain dental crown. As you can tell from his before and after photo, our team at Rod Gleave, DMD aim to preserve both the health and appearance of your smile in our Salt ...

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3 Reasons To Invest In Dental Implants [BLOG]

Now that tax season is over, it’s time to look toward investments you could make over the following year and which of them may offer you the best returns! At Rod Gleave, DMD, in Salt Lake City, UT, we know of one investment you can make that will result in a healthier, happier life! 3 Reasons To Invest In Dental Implants You really don’t have the option of letting empty spaces remain after ...

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What You Should Know About Oral Cancer [BLOG]

It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which means it’s time to talk about how our team at Rod Gleave, DMD, can help you stay informed and healthy. We’re starting today with our blog about what you should know about oral cancer! In our Salt Lake City, UT dental office, we do all we can to catch oral health problems before they take hold of your mouth and pose dangerous threats to your overall ...

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5 Ways To Prevent Dental Problems This Spring [INFOGRAPHIC]

At Rod Gleave, DMD, we understand the important connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. That’s why we always want to keep our patients informed about how to prevent dental problems. Today, we’re sharing an infographic that accomplishes part of that goal! In our Salt Lake City, UT dental office, you’ll get high-quality, comprehensive dental care by experienced ...

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Look At Porcelain Veneers In Salt Lake City! [PHOTO]

If you’ve ever thought about dental veneers and what they might do for your smile, consider the best cosmetic dentist in the Salt Lake City, UT region! Rod Gleave, DMD is a highly-trained, experienced dentist who can custom-craft your porcelain veneers to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Just like we did for Brittany in today’s before and after close-up! This is the ...

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When Dale Broke A Tooth, We Were Here To Help! [VIDEO]

Dale had put off dental treatment as long as he could, but when his trouble tooth finally broke, he had no choice but to go to the dentist. Our team at Rod Gleave, DMD were able to take care of Dale quickly and efficiently! Hear Dale talk more about his dental crown experience and why he continues to trust Dr. Gleave in Salt Lake City, UT! Let us meet all your dental needs! Call Rod ...

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A Look At Laser Therapy For A Gummy Smile [PHOTO]

Tiffin felt embarrassed about her gummy smile but wasn’t sure if it was the kind of problem that could be fixed. That was until she discovered our team at Rod Gleave, ...

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How We Use Ridge Augmentation To Help Patients [VIDEO]

When patients come to us for dental implants, we do all we can to prepare them for successful placement. Often, that requires a procedure called a ridge augmentation. At Rod ...

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